Toby reminds me of the Ice King from Adventure Time. I actually have no idea why.. He just does.. :/


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ATTENTION ALL AUDIENCE MEMBERS (Toby no don’t read this scroll on down)

This lovely girl @charlotteBUSCUS contacted me on twitter a while ago asking if I would like to write a message down in a book she is making for Toby’s birthday. You write down your message for Toby then she will send it to him around his birthday.

If you would like to send in a birthday message for Toby for the book then contact @charlotteBUSCUS on twitter, or if you do not have a twitter, message me here and I will pass on the message. Also keep the message short so Charlotte can fit in as many audience members as she can.

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deep thoughts at 12 AM

I wonder how often Toby goes in his tag.. *rubs non-existing beard*


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Random Tweet Website

So there’s this website that makes a random tweet from other tweets (if that makes sense) you just type in your username and it will generate a random tweet, here are a few that I got from typing in “tobyturner”

"Audience sent from gaming eps. nooooooo totally! ooh. yes. kinda wanna make wrapping paper with COFFEE!"

"Met audience pre-boardification!! WHEEWW New Tobuscus Adventures ipad game where me maybe…"

"This quadrant. luckily we have the flat tire he is so dreamy happy wheels is so sis buscus got a white."

"Brt ha awesome awesome way it looks like tobyturnersmom with myself on pandora on guitar and some Happy."

"Freakin giant gelato looks so awesome tiny visitor people at their awesome comment thread I think!"

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Has any of you remembered that Toby can’t be on Youtube forever and one day will have a goodbye video, and leave us? He’s human. He can retire.. As much as we don’t want it.. I guess we all have to live with those facts, then, yeah?


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Hello Madison!

Hello all, my friend who made the doodle about Toby (tobydoodles) actually had no idea that I ran a Toby blog. So I just want to say hello to her and you should all check out her drawings! She has made a ton of shirt designs for YouTubers including Toby. Her designs have been put on shirts, she is so talented and if you love Toby and fan-art then Maddy is definitely one to check out. 

Below is her awesome Coat of Arms design that made it into Toby’s store.

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Happy new year, Audience. Have fun obsessing in the following year. <3 



Spend the rest of the year with a picture of Toby. That way you can pretend he’s there with you! Just don’t make out with your monitor too much. ;) And heres for this years effort to not kill each other when major events happened such as the riot. 

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I am NOT Toby Turner, this is just a fan blog dedicated to him.